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Accommodation fees are required to be paid in advance. It can be once per week / fortnight / month depending on your situation.
The best format is to make a recurring transfer from your account. This is generally at no cost.
Students are responsible for ensuring that their accommodation fees are at all times in accordance with NewSA Accommodation Agreements.

Yes – but please be aware that NewSA rooms are metered.
Management monitors the consumption of utilities and excessive usage may result in an additional charge.

A Security Deposit equal to 2 weeks accommodation fee is required to be paid at the time of signing the lease to live at NewSA, along with a $400 Key and Performance deposit
This is then returned to you less any amounts you may owe to NewSA, such as unpaid rent or damages, at the end of your contract.

The weekly cost of your accommodation fee is fixed for the period that you sign a contract for.
If you decide to stay on beyond your current lease, the weekly fee of the new contract may increase – any rate increase will always be advised in advance.

All rooms at NewSA are offered on academic terms of 5, 10 or 12 month long leases. Before your current contract come to an end, we will contact you to see if you would like to re-sign to stay with us for another 5, 10 or 12 months. There are discounts applicable for renewing your lease. We will advise you of this at the relevant time.

Yes – it is a condition of your stay here at NewSA that you must be currently enrolled and attending a course within an Australian Tertiary Institution (University or TAFE).

When filling out your application form, you can put in preferences regarding who you would like to live with, and whilst we will do our best to meet your requests, it will be determined by room availability – so we advise you to apply as soon as you can so there are more options for you.

Yes – there are a limited number of rooms available for couples to rent.
All other rooms within NewSA are sole-occupancy.

Yes – you are allowed to have friends over, but we do ask that you consider your housemates and ensure that your guest/s do not cause any disruption or damage any property of NewSA or your housemates. Students are required to be at the premises whilst their visitors are there for safety and security reasons.

There is a strict no pet policy at all NewSA Properties. No animals of any sort are permitted in the building at any time this includes fish, birds or reptiles!
This policy does not apply to students requiring the assistance of a seeing or hearing guide dog.

You will only need to bring your own towels. All bed linen is supplied i.e. mattress protector, sheets, doona with cover and pillows with pillowslips.

NewSA supply all kitchen equipment including crockery, cutlery and glassware. You may bring your own but any loss or damage caused to those items will be your responsibility.
We also provide all cooking utensils and any other kitchen gadgets and all NewSA ovens and stove tops are gas energised. Once again, feel free to bring your own items but any loss or damage will be your responsibility.
Other items you may need include cleaning supplies, washing powder, bath mats, toiletries plus all your personal clothing etc.

Any item of the property that becomes damaged or broken either by way of accident or intention will be repaired and the costs to repair or replace the goods will be charged back to the person/s responsible.

The cleaners come at a minimum once a fortnight and sometimes more regularly to clean all common living areas and bathrooms.

No – the cleaners will not, for any reason, enter your room to perform any cleaning.
The general cleanliness of your room is at the responsibility of the student. It is a condition of stay that rooms are kept at a reasonable level of cleanliness and inspections may be performed on a regular basis (with appropriate notification).

Yes – a full list of NewSA Property Rules and Policies are provided to every student when an offer is made.